Ray Souder - US Army (1975-1995)
Executive Director

Email: souder.ray@clintoncountyohio.us

Jeff Rollins - US Army (1990-2014)
Veteran Service Officer

Email:  rollins.jeffrey@clintoncountyohio.us

Jeanie Longstreth - Daughter of Veteran

Email: longstreth.jeannie@clintoncountyohio.us

Sal DeLuca - US Army (1969-1969)
Van Driver

Gary Fronsoe - US Army (1967-1970)
Van Driver

Charles Jacobs - US Army (1980-1982)
Van Driver


  • Anthony Greene  - Disabled American Veterans (At Large)              Term:  Dec/20/2020-Dec/31/2021
  • Leslie Rose - American Veterans (At Large)                                          Term:  Jan/01/2018-Dec/31/2022
  • Charles Shoemaker – Vietnam Veterans of America (At Large)      Term:  Jan/01/2019-Dec/31/2023
  • Glenn Figart – American Legion                                                               Term:  Jan/01/2020-Dec/31/2024
  • Mike Sutton - Veterans of Foreign Wars (At Large)                             Term:  Jan/01/2021-Dec/31/2025